About Us

Aerosip is a mobile services company, located in Israel.
We believe in significantly reducing the cost of cellular voice and data roaming with an affordable and reliable world class solution.
We provide telephony and mobile services, using innovative technologies.
Aerosip users can call worldwide destinations, land line or mobile, and benefit our incredibly lowest rates.
Services are based on both traditional telephony system and Voip platforms.
Voip calls can be made by our free preinstall dialers.
Calls out can be made by:
  • Using our sophisticate, lowest  rates,  global sim card.
  • Using our local access phone numbers locating worldwide in 600 major cities.
  • Using our advanced free Voip  Dialer.
  • using your organization PBX.
We use online billing system, users can see anytime, their  balance and last calls.
Services are prepaid, registered users can buy credit and call worldwide destinations.
If you would like more information please, feel free to contact us .