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Can I use Aerosip Sim card in Japan & South Korea?
There are any known limitations regarding using Aerosip sim in Japan and South Korea ?
Joseph[ 06/07/2014 ]

  • Yes, Aerosip sim card works in Japan. To use it in Japan you will need a 3GSM (or 3G) mobile phone that supports WCDMA 2100. 

    Although this is a GSM phone it is using 3rd generation technology which is deployed in Japan.
    There are 2 different 3G standards presently in use.
    To ensure that you have the correct phone for roaming in Japan, it is advisable that you check with either your current network operator, or refer to their mobile’s handbook to determine whether or not it is WCDMA 2100 compatible. 
    Aerosip-Info[ 06/07/2014 ]
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Can I use Aerosip global sim on cruise ships ?
Can I use Aerosip global sim on cruise ships ?
Daniel Raz[ 22/09/2015 ]

  • Most cruise ships have their own satellite system that can be very expensive to use.
    Your Aerosip global sim will connect to these systems but as most cruise ships generally keep to within 4-5 miles of the coastline, you can normally pick up the mobilephone networks on the mainland at these distances. We advise you to always try this first as the rates are obviously much, much cheaper!
    admin[ 22/09/2015 ]
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How do I know which Network to roam on?
You have some networks in each country, how to choose the lowest rates network ?
Lavi Ayala[ 22/09/2015 ]

  • Most phones are normally set to Automatic network selection and in this mode your Aerosip Global sim will automatically select our preferred networks giving you the best network selection for the country you are in  (lowest rates AND signal quality..).
    Occasionally you may wish to select an alternative network possibly because the preferred network is expensive or experiencing problems or just does not have coverage in the area you are in.
    In this case you would need to go into your Phone Settings menu, select Networks and then select Manual Selection.
    You may now select one of the available networks that is displayed on your phones screen. Dont forget to change this setting back when your issue has ben solved!
    admin[ 22/09/2015 ]
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How do I receive a call?
Moshe[ 06/07/2014 ]

  • Receiving a call on Aerosip Global sim, is the same as receiving a call on any standard operating SIM
    Aerosip-Info[ 06/07/2014 ]
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How do I select a network upon arrival at my roaming destination?
When roaming abroad, Do I need to choose roaming operator ?

Bob[ 06/07/2014 ]
  • We strongly recomanding to set on Automatic search

    • Automatic selection: Your mobile phone automatically searches and connects you to the foreign network having the lowest rate and strongest signal.
                                                   Once connection is successful, your handset will display the overseas operator network name .

    You allways can choose your operator manualy
    • Manual selection: Set your mobile phone to manual mode and it will display the available foreign networks. Please refer to the user guide of your mobile phone on how to carry out manual selection. 
    • Always set operator's network as Automatic (I.e. Sim will find automatically cheaper operator with the best signal..).
    • During the flight , power Off your handset (  not  flight mode).

    Aerosip-Info[ 06/07/2014 ]
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How do I Top Up / Add Credit to my Aerosip Global sim ?
Jennifer Y.[ 06/07/2014 ]
  • Aerosip global sim  is a prepaid service.  You will need to add credit to your account to use calls/SMS/MMS/Data.

    Aerosip offers the follow options for topping up your service:

      - Online Top Up is available from our online shop at anytime using credit card or Paypal.
      - Auto Top up is an easy and secure option to add credit.  We recommends confirm  Auto Top Up when you register.  Log In to your account to set this up.
      - Over the Phone, just call us.   please, remember to have your credit card  handy.

    Remember, your  credit will never  expire.


    Aerosip-Info[ 06/07/2014 ]
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How do I call someone from my Aerosip Global sim?
When I'm abroad, How to call out ?
Moshe[ 06/07/2014 ]

  • Step 1  Dial the number you wish to call in full international format and press tha call button..

    Step 2  In a few seconds your phone will ring

    Step 3  Answer this call

    Step 4  You will hear a recorded voice telling you "hold down"  until  you will be connected to the number you called.


    • When calling someone in the same country as you, always dial as though you are calling from outside the country (full international format ).
    • You can change your calling profile, and can call as you call from your country (I.e. if you set an Israeli profile, you can call from any country as you call from Israel.., without the "00972"..).
    • In few countries (USA, Bulgaria, Singapore, Haiti, Barbados etc ..), calls are made direct ,  and not call back as a call.


    Aerosip-Info[ 06/07/2014 ]
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Will Aerosip Global sim work with my mobile handset?
John c.[ 06/07/2014 ]
  • Aerosip Global sim is designed to work with almost all mobile phone handsets; including old version 2G, STD sim size etc....

    Helpful tips traveller should know:

    • You must ensure that your handset is unlocked (sim free) for Aerosip global sim to work.
    • Few handsets, or older style phones (6 years +), may require a different dialling call out method 
    • In Germany and Japan  ,only 3G handsets, and above, are supported.

    Aerosip-Info[ 06/07/2014 ]
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How Long Does My Credit Last?
If I'm buying some credit, does it has expired date?
Haim B.[ 05/07/2014 ]
  • Aerosip credit will never expires  !!
    Aerosip-Info[ 05/07/2014 ]
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Where can I buy Aerosip Global sim?
Ran[ 05/07/2014 ]
    • Direct from our Online shop.
    • Send us your details by e-Mail to
    • Or call us , Cyprus: +357-777-88-324,    Israel: +972-72-270-2500

    Aerosip-Info[ 05/07/2014 ]
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How I can receive my homeland calls when I'm using Aerosip global sim abroad?
Lets say that I'm from UK, and travel to turkey and using Aerosip global sim, How I can still receive calls made to my UK number ..?
Peter[ 07/07/2014 ]
  • You need to forward your calls from your currene sim number to Aerosip global sim number

    Before setting up a call forward, you must do the following:
    • Purchase a local landline number. Details of this process can be found here
    • Set up call forwarding with your existing carrier.
    All of the inbound calls to your existing telephone number will now be diverted to your Aerosip Global sim telephone number.

    You can only have voice calls forwarded. It is not possible for SMS messages to be forwarded.
    Aerosip-Info[ 07/07/2014 ]
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