Unlimit calls in Package

Unlimit calls in Package

To all travellers  abroad and already having Data service (wi-fi or Webbing or Local sim with data..) we offer un limimit calls in package.

We will send you a web dialer connected to our international PBX, and a local phone number in your country base.

Prior your Flight you will forward all your calls to the our phone number.

From now on, all calls to your local phone number (in your base country) will be forward to you abroad.

This package is for 30 days, and includes local phone number (forwarding your calls) and unlimit calls in.

You also can call out, using the web dialer, at a very low rate.

Calls out can be manually or from your contacts lis (no need to change local phone numbers).


  • Recieving all your local calls (without updates your callers..).
  • Unlimit calls in
  • Great voice quality
  • Present the caller ID
  • Low rates calls out (option).


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