Buy Virtual phone number

Buy Virtual phone number

Aerosip offers virtual phone numbers in 80 countries  and more than 5,000 major cities around the world. 

Virtual number  is a number that have assigned  to connect you to the old worldwide PSTN Networks around the world.

The technical term is DID number.


Virtual numbers  are convenient for both, you and your callers.

   Your virtual number can be a local number or a toll-free number.

  So no matter where you are, the caller will connect to you under this number and will pay only the low fees for this area code.

  You can forward your local calls to your "actual" phone number abroad

  You can use Virtual number (and Fax) for worldwide presence and virtual offices.

  Forwarding with logic ( forward to office at business hours and to your mobile in rest of the day .).


Aerosip's advantages

  • a fixed monthly low fee
  • unlimited inbound calling
  • immediate forwarding to your preferred/actual   phone number
  • 2 channels (simultaneous calls) per DID
  • additional channels available
  • minimum usage period  of only 1 month.

Some countries request some information / documents ,  please refer to these request prior ordering virtual numbers.