• Global sim card with worldwide coverage (no expiration date).
  • The global sim with the lowest rates in the market.
  • Very low rates for Data, calls and SMS.
  • Few networks in each country, supports 4G/LTE.
  • Primary UK phone number,
  • you can add many additional phone numbers (USA, Germany, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, etc...),                                                     all are available concurrently. 
  • Mobile free sophisticated  application for self manage of your global sim 
  • Self purchase of local data packages (even from abroad..).
  • Inbound calls are free at about 40 major countries.
  • Direct calls in most of the countries   (140 countries).
  • Getting free notification at every border crossing (network, rates, etc..)
  • Notification prior ending your package.
  • A dedicated embedded application for SIP/VoIP low cost calls (audio/video/chat).
  • Auto top up and top up once services, no expiration for your credit.
  • Geo location of the sim on a map including recent route and share this info.
  • Transfer money to other subscribers.
  • Get rate before making your call.
  • Usage detail report at any time.
  • Triple cut size – for all handsets, Laptops and wireless hotspots devices.
  • Sophisticated online management platform.

After purchasing the global sim card, you'll receive a short user guide and our support front desk details, sim card will be delivered by post 24 service.


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