Aerosip uses more than 600 local access phone numbers in worldwide major cities.

You can call your nearest access number and pay a lowest rate for an international call.

This service can be used via your  cellphone, land line phone, work stations and an Organization PBX's extention.

Call rates are determined only according the call's destination (no matter where you are calling from..), see below, our rates calculator and local access numbers table.


For example:

If you are  in Japan, you can call our local access number in Tokyo,  from there you can dial to worldwide destinations and benefit  our lowest and most competitive rates.

Example rates:

To USA  ......only  0.02 €/min  to landline and Mobile (same rate  to Canada /China/ HK /Singapore etc..)

To Europe...only  0.02 €/min   to landline and   0.05 €/min to mobile

To Israel......only  0.02 €/min   to landline and   0.05 €/min to mobile


Call procedure

  - Call localy to nearst local access number.

  - You'll hear "Please dial your destination and finish with #"  voice message.

  - Dial your destination (full international format and finish with #  (Example:   00442127654321 # ).

  -  Talk ...




If you are dialing from a non registered  phone number, You'll be required to dial in a Pin Code, prior to dialing your destination's phone number.

The Local access numbers list is changing frequently, please review the list before traveling abroad.

In some countries, we can supply local access number upon request.

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