When you are abroad and use any other phone number (local sim, global sim, etc..), and you want to still received your calls from your original phone number, you need to forward your calls.

Foewaeding is made by using virtual phone number (DID number) which you can order from call abroad or call from abroad services.

You can easily forward your calls form MY ACCOUNT/ MANADE NUMBERS & CALL FORWARDING (attached below..)

In section 2, you can see your follow me status (green frame) , in this example calls to your 972772702703 will be forward to your 1(400)4007625 phone number.

You can change it any time from section 4- Call forwarding (blue frame),  Choose your allready exist virtual phone number (DID number in left box) , and select to which phone number to forward your calls  (Select destination number at right box).



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